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on Tue May 29, 2018 11:02 pm
Read the text and answer the question below in a comment

The most important task for choosing a major in college is deciding on your own priorities and goals. All the advice on how to pick a major assumes you have particular goals that tells you what your priorities should be. Even your own parents may be focused on particular priorities and goals that don’t match up with yours. Family conflict around major choice is a common issue. This may be especially salient for you if your parents are paying for part (or all) of your education.
What are the factors you have to consider while choosing a major? Your Interests, which is an important part of picking a major. If you really dislike what you are studying, you will not be able to achieve well. Additionally, you won’t be particularly motivated to complete your coursework. So, it is essential that you are actually interested in what you are studying.  
Your Abilities are another important factor to consider. This doesn’t mean that you should definitely major in whatever you are best at in high school. For one thing, you will probably discover new talents in college as you take courses in areas that weren’t available to you in high school. For another thing, the thing that you’re “best” at is not necessarily what aligns best with all your other priorities and goals.
Future Employability, is important factor specially in our society. You have to consider what kind of job prospects you will have once you have your degree. Also, it is an economic requirement as well. Will you be able to find a job? How hard will it be?
Meet with Advisors who better to help you decide how to choose a major that the college advisors whose main job it is to do so. Meeting with the university advisor will offer you more in return than just advice on which major is right for you - with their intimate knowledge of the specific university and campus, they can curate just the right course of study for each student, and they will be available to help students during studying.

3.1 Replace the underlined parts of the sentences with words or phrases from the text. (The sentences are in the same order as the words in the text.)

- You have to be careful while choosing your university field of study.  
- One of the most important thing to think about while choosing your major is to consider the things you like doing.
- The available job opportunities is a main consideration behind your decision for a specific major.
- The people with previous experience can help you to make your decision.

3.2 What are the underlined pronouns refer to?

- That:
- It:
- They:

3.3 Complete the sentences with phrases from the text (3 words maximum).
-      One should consider his -------------------------------- goals when deciding a major in college.
-     While choosing a major two major factors are to be considered; -----------------------------.
-      The thing that you are brilliant at is not essentially---------------------- with all your other
       priorities and goals.  

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